Essential personnel
identification card


You must upload a clear copy / picture of the following information

  • Two current check stubs from your employer or one current check stub and a work id.
  • A current government issued id ex: drivers license or state identification card or passport.

You must upload a picture of yourself (head shot only) no hats, no sunglasses, no face coverings and must be taken in a well lighted area. Nothing to hide your natural face features! You may smile if you like.

All information will be available upon request of any law enforcement agency including federal, all information will be on file 1 year after expiration listed on essential personnel id. This is not a stand alone id card your government id should be with this essential personnel id card at all times if/when given to law enforcement. If all above information is correct to the best of your knowledge and you agree put initials in box

Essential personnel identification card

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